Secret Santa Info & Rules

What is Secret Santa?

​Secret Santa is an event in which a MYSTERY PERSON will give you a gift, and you will give a gift to someone else (who doesn't know who you are). That way, everybody who participates gets a gift, and there is also a fun element of surprise.

What kind of gifts do we need to give?

To make things easy, gifts will be games available on Steam. They do not need to be things on anyone's wish list, though that's definitely an option. They must cost you between $10 and $20 USD. You need to go by the original price, not any discounted price (so if a $50 game is on sale for $5, that is not enough for the minimum. You need to spend at least $10.) Going over the $20 maximum is discouraged.

How do I do this?

After the enrollment cutoff, Rory will message you and let you know who you are buying a gift for. You will also receive a link to their Steam profile (to view their wish list, if you like), and a list of three games they currently have. (This is to help you figure out what to send them. For instance, if they list games like Ark, The Forest, and Don't Starve Together, you would know that they are really into survival games!)


Do not tell that person you are their Secret Santa until you have sent the gift. Purchase the gift and send it to your giftee between December 18th and December 25th. If Steam doesn't allow you to send your gift (due to regional price differences), you can either send a G2A game code, or contact Rory to solve the problem.

If you are not friends with the person for whom you are buying a gift, just invite them to a game of DBD at some point and add them, or ask Rory for help. :)

Important dates to remember:

Sign up by December 13th.

Send your present between December 18th and December 25th.

If you do not receive a gift by December 25th, contact Rory immediately.