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Boobalicious Meg Mouse Pad

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People often wonder why I treasure Meg Thomas above all others. The truth, my friendos, is this: I am but an ant, quivering in the shadow of the monolith that is Meg. She is my Circe, my Morgana, an enchantress who butt-dances her way across Coldwind Farm, flashlight in her slick, sweaty palm. Her aura is a lullaby: click, click, clickity-click, click­; it is not rhythmic, but erratic, a manifestation of her black heart beating in anticipation of the next big stun. Will she be a hero? Will she be a demon? Not even Meg knows. She would die for them, she tells herself over and over again. Who is she trying to convince? Deep within her, something stirs: not shame, not desperation, not even a desire to survive the trial—the thing within her is simply a raw, gnawing need to act, to be in the moment. In one heartbeat, she is the MVP. Meg swings, the crowd roars—the killer has been nae-naed upon. Another loop granted, another trail of sticky blood leading nowhere. In the next heartbeat, she slowly enters a locker in plain sight of the killer. She does not struggle to the hook. Instead, she merely feels the jostle of the killer’s pace, an unforgiving shoulder digging into her stomach. She inhales the scent of Death. She plans her next loadout.

“Carry your friends to victory with this Meg mouse pad!” - Therpderp

This mouse pad measures 8.7" x 10.6" (22 x 27 cm).

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