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Thanks for visiting, and for thinking about blowing your hard-earned cash on novelty Dead by Daylight fan art. I love giving away art and prizes for free--and ALL of the items in this store can be won for free during my Twitch streams--but if you want something in particular and don't want to wait for the Entity to shine upon you, you can buy some of the prizes here. Selling these enables me to provide viewers with more prizes, so thank you for buying whatever the fuck it is you've decided to buy. <3

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Boobalicious Kate Mousepad

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What is Kate thinking? you might ask yourself. Is she hungry? Stoned? Restless? ... Aroused? It's difficult to tell. That is precisely why you must purchase this mouse pad. Look deep into her sea-blue eyes. Peel back the layers of this voluptuous enigma and solve the mystery of Kate Denson.

This mouse pad measures 8.7" x 10.6" (22 x 27 cm).

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