Twitch Directory

I follow many fantastic people on Twitch, but these are my "must watch" Streamers due to their extraordinary personalities, entertaining play styles, and activity. They're definitely worth checking out and following! 

Zombi is a Freddy main/smut peddler/gentle southern boy who plays DBD, Resident Evil 2, and Minion Master. He's amazingly sweet and very engaging with his followers, and always has an encouraging word for people looking to talk art. His art stream (NSFW) can be found here.

Freki is one of the most vivacious people I know. He's extremely knowledgeable about the games he plays, making his streams interesting and informative. He's a variety streamer who has recently played Star Wars: The Old Republic and Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Holy shit, what can I say about Declan that can convey how amazing this guy is? I think that the only way to tell you is to show you. He's equal parts hilarious, ridiculous, and charming, which is a great combination, and makes him a joy to know and to watch. He mostly streams Dead by Daylight.

If you're looking for engaging gameplay, visit Loopy, a.k.a. ZDPrimal. He's toxic in-game and a sweetheart out of it, which makes him a fascinating combination and immense fun to watch. He streams Apex Legends and Dead By Daylight.

Killer style and a chill personality make Whillyum one of my go-to streamers. It's clear that when he plays, he's having a blast, and his infectious sense of humor makes his viewers have a great time, too. He typically streams Realm Royale, Dead By Daylight, and typical events from his real life.

deafgirl_gaming, a.k.a. Stormy, is one of the coolest people on Twitch. She has a wicked sense of humor and a fantastic personality. She's blunt, clever, and a joy to watch. She mostly streams Dead By Daylight, though she also plays Minecraft, and PUBG.

Raika is friendly and helpful person who leads a thriving community of streamers, Kitsune Crew. She streams a large variety of games, including Resident Evil 2, Dungeon Defenders, Knack 2, and Monster Hunter World. She also streams arts & crafts projects, such as greeting card-making.

If you're into ASMR, check out Red. He's a calm and soothing guy, and a delight to hang out with. He has a special appreciation for retro games, and makes sure to give older titles some love. Some of the games that he streams include Toukiden 2, Mighty No. 9, and SOMA.

There are many reasons to check out Joe's stream, from his relaxed attitude to his endearing commentary. The most fascinating part of his stream, though, is when he comments on what goes on behind the scenes in terms of the game's level design. He streams Dead By Daylight.

DoTTii is a very sassy, wise-cracking streamer with a bold and adventurous play style. She's very cheeky, and isn't afraid to tease and really engage with her chat. DoTTii usually streams Dead By Daylight, Subnautica, and The Forest.

Domby has a very relaxed personality and an easygoing vibe that make him fun to watch. He's a great conversationalist, which is clear from the rapport he has with his followers. He typically streams Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Escape From Tarkov, Celeste, and Dead by Daylight.

I feel like I owe Peanits a lot of credit for the fact that I'm no longer completely ass with Ghostface. He does this awesome thing where he chooses a killer and plays it repeatedly, honing his skills and strategy as he goes. It makes his streams very helpful and informative! He pretty much exclusively streams Dead by Daylight.